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foursquare – New Mobile App Bridges Social Media and Local Advertising

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Foursquare is a new mobile app that a co-worker pointed out to me that has some great applications for a few of our customers.  This is a potential traffic driving tool for all local businesses and offers exceptional impact for those with multiple locations or franchises.

Once the foursquare app is installed, users will “check-in” to various places like restaurants, bars, events, etc. and their circle of friends will be notified.  Users can then recommend places and upon check-in will unlock tips like menu recommendations.  Users earn points which allow them to level up with new badges.  If you’ve visited a place more than anyone else you are bestowed with the honor of Mayor – until someone knocks you off the top spot.

Marketers can offer foursquare only specials that users can unlock at check-in.  Foursquare also offers an API to develop ways to check-in or visualize foursquare data.

Currently, foursquare is available for the iPhone and Android with a Blackberry app in the works.  Bummer because I have an ol’ fashion “Windows powered mobile device” (and my contract is up in 283 days but who’s counting).

Visit to sign up and learn more.


Written by Greg M

January 5, 2010 at 5:28 pm

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New FTC Guidelines Raise Concerns for Social Marketers

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This past December 1st, new FTC guidelines we enacted which have the potential to greatly impact social marketing and affiliate marketers.  The new FTC guidelines entitled “Guide Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” require social marketers to disclose if they are compensated in any way when discussing a product.  This could include receiving a product or service for free.

The new FTC guidelines are squarely aimed at bloggers, forum posts, Twitter and Facebook platforms.  The FTC is trying to enforce transparency if messages by the author could be believed to be that of a sponsor even if the author and sponsor have identical points of view.

While compliance seems to be reasonably non-intrusive, this does appear to be a shift in standards that have been widely allowed in traditional media for years.  Enforcement on the other hand presents many challenges.  How can anyone possibly monitor all of the social media touch points?  On one podcast that I recently listened to, an affiliate marketing expert pondered the opportunity for free publicity.  What if your post becomes the case that goes all the way to The Supreme Court?  Somewhere a marketer and lawyer are licking their chops.

Written by Greg M

January 2, 2010 at 2:44 pm

Rethinking the 1 to 1 Marketing Promise

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dishy mixListen to Shiv Singh of Razorfish discussing Social Influence Marketing on DishyMix

Recently the head of social influence marketing at Razorfish, Shiv Singh, was interviewed on the DishyMix Podcast. While they covered a lot of social media ground including mobile and friendsters, one compelling notion connected in my head – the age old (or about mid-90s old) promise of 1 to 1 marketing (thanks to the arrival of the internet) is wrong!

Everything that people do is social. Whether we’re buying a shirt in the store, a book on Amazon, or figuring out what to do for lunch there is always some sort of social context that we take into consideration. When Shiv talks about Social Influence Marketing it’s another way of saying 1 to small niche marketing.

Due to evolving social barriers that these micro societies may have, it may be even more difficult to penetrate than 1 to 1 marketing because there’s a lot more to it than just technology. However, the ripple effect can be much more influential than merely connecting 1 to 1. Social relevancy needs to be provided and personalized at the group level – only then will the individuals have the context to act and in turn influence others to act.

To learn more about marketing with social media pick up a copy of Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day at  social media marketing an hour a day

Written by Greg M

July 23, 2009 at 12:08 am

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