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Google – Now with Personalized Feed Search Goodness

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Over the past 2 and a half years Google has fine tuned it’s algorithm around Universal Search.  In the normal SERPS (search engine results page) Google shows news, images, local listing, videos and more blended in with its normal results.

Recently Google has started to roll out its new algorithm which includes 2 primary features – Personalized Search and Real Time search.  Personalized Search launched last week and means that Google will attempt to learn your preferences over time and adjust it’s SERPs on an individual basis.  This has the promise of much better results for the user, however as a search marketer I have no idea how will track individually targeted keyword rankings.  My guess is that will have to focus on referring keywords at a site level rather than the SERPs.

The second is Real Time search which is coming online this week.  Google will now include a Feed Box along with its other Universal Search listings.  The Feed Box will contain the latest updates from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  I was listening to a podcast with Bruce Clay a few weeks back and they understandably had significant concerns for the impact this could have on brands – this looks like a big fat wait and see!


Written by Greg M

December 9, 2009 at 11:45 am

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