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Book Review: Life After the 30 Second Spot

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life after 30 second spotWhen Joseph Jaffe released Life After the 30-Second Spot back in May of 2005 I was treated to one of the finest books that I’ve read on new media. Despite being more than 4 years old I think it’s still highly relevant in today digital and performance marketing environment.

The overall structure of the book was fantastic. Jaffe would begin to build his case and in every chapter would walk me to the edge of the cliff while letting me think “he’s nuts”. Then time and time again he’d roll out the data and lock up his case. Life After the 30 Second Spot used data to tell it’s story as good as anything I’ve read (with the possible exception of Moneyball).

Essentially Jaffe points out that TV and traditional mass marketing is dead and that while reach continues to erode, costs continue to rise or stay flat. Jaffe beckons doom for the traditional advertisers who’s business model is about to collapse. He also spends a good deal of time discussing engagement and out of the box marketing ideas that have the potential to penetrate today’s media burdened consumer – while some of these tactics have undoubtedly changed since the writing of Life After the 30-Second Spot
the fundamental principles still remain.

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July 24, 2009 at 10:50 am

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