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Strategy Guide to Internet Marketing

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This is a FREE PDF guide that I wrote to provide  a little more of a framework to some of my internet marketing thoughts.

The Strategy Guide to Internet Marketing was written to be an actionable, ‘how to’ guide to help marketers and business people. Whether you’re a client-side, agency-side, with a Fortune 500 Company or a startup I’ve included strategies that you can apply to improve your internet marketing program starting today.

Clearly this is much more than a bunch of disjointed blog posts but in an effort to get something up quickly the Strategy Guide to Internet Marketing lacks a more robust framework – to an extent.  I do cover specific ways to integrate Strategy, Optimization and Communication.  Definitely check out the sections most important to you, but try to find something that you can apply right away!


Written by Greg M

December 21, 2009 at 1:22 am

The Book of Odds, by Kurani Interactive, Launches tomorrow!

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BOOSince I have a number of friends over at Kurani Interactive, I’ve been hearing about the Book of Odds for some time now.  I actually had a demo a few weeks ago while it was in user testing and really had a lot of fun with site.  The Book of Odds presents ‘the odds of everyday life’ in a compelling way.

The Visual Browse tool (shown above) is essentially a very cool form of data visualization.  Select your keywords and related odds appear to the right.  The site also contains articles written by the folks at the Book of Odds, which helps tie together some related themes.freakonomics

Not long ago I made a post about Freakonomics and today found out that they are on the Book of Odds bandwagon too.  Check out Ryan Hagen’s introduction of the Book of Odds on the Freakonomics blog at the NY Times.  If the Book of Odds team (including Kurani Interactive) could join up with Freakonomics I think I’d think we’d see a complete revolution on the use of data and data visualization.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Freakonomics on Amazon or setup a Free account on the Book of Odds website.

Written by Greg M

October 13, 2009 at 6:44 pm

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