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Interview: Analytics Tool Getting a Refresh with Crazzy Egg 2.0

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crazzy egg drop downA few weeks back I talked about Crazy Egg’s Confetti as a great analytics tool for data visualization and thought it worth some follow up.  Amee over at Crazy Egg came through with the inside scope on Crazy Egg 2.0 as well as some insights on data visualization.  To the left is the new drop down menu – some nice new options.

PMT – How have you seen the need for data visualization change/evolve in recent years?

CE – Because of the vast amount of data out there, it can be hard for companies to comprehend the data. Visualizations that provide an insight about users and more importantly actionable data, make it easier for companies to understand their data.
Similar to what some analytics companies are doing now, I think over the next few years companies are going to concentrate and create more useful visuals and not just pretty ones.

PMT – How do data visualization tools fit with typical analytics platforms like Omniture?  What’s the best way to create synergy between the two?

CE – Well, they help you understand the data in a different way. Some people are visual while others prefer crunching numbers. I think analytics companies are going to have to meet the needs of both type of users.

PMT – What’s new with the upcoming Confetti release?

CE – The best way to create a synergy is through deep integration. This way the user experience is seamless.
Crazy Egg 2.0:
• Completely rewritten from the ground up
• Improved stability, performance, and reliability throughout the whole system
• Reports are always available
• Reports load much quicker
• Improved tracking reliability
• Improved tracking accuracy
• Added many more dimensions of data to Confetti and Overlay, including custom user variables
• Higher-resolution heatmaps
• New snapshot creation UI
• Ability to fine-tune URL matching URLs for snapshots
• Ability to edit running tests
• Improved screenshots (better font rendering)
• Improved error handling and messaging
• Better tools for our users to diagnose potential installation/configuration issues
Coming soon…
• Regular expressions for URL matching rules
• Ability to handle template trackingweb analytics an hour a day
• Ability to track login-protected pages
• Export to CSV
• Downloadable Heatmaps
• IP Address blocking (existing 1.0 feature)
• Ability to track custom elements

To brush up on your analytics, pick up a copy of Web Analytics: An Hour a Day


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September 19, 2009 at 1:34 pm

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Book Review: Freakonomics

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freakonomicsI really had fun reading Freakonomics as the author’s attempt to answer questions about the real world with a data driven approach.  Kind of like a Moneyball approach to non-baseball topics.  Freakonomics discusses how people name their children, sumo wrestling, the drop in crime rate, the profitability of crack dealers and real estate among other things.

The global takeaway from the book is incentives.  Whether it’s big carrots, big sticks or some combination, every action is taken by people based on how they are incentivized.  On an individual scale or larger society actions are dictated by these incentives and if inappropriate or undesired action is being taken it is invariably because the incentives are in the wrong place.  Freakonomics uses data to try and assess where the incentives really are and their effectiveness.

To read more, pick up a copy of Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything (P.S.) for yourself at

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September 2, 2009 at 1:16 pm

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