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Rethinking the 1 to 1 Marketing Promise

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dishy mixListen to Shiv Singh of Razorfish discussing Social Influence Marketing on DishyMix

Recently the head of social influence marketing at Razorfish, Shiv Singh, was interviewed on the DishyMix Podcast. While they covered a lot of social media ground including mobile and friendsters, one compelling notion connected in my head – the age old (or about mid-90s old) promise of 1 to 1 marketing (thanks to the arrival of the internet) is wrong!

Everything that people do is social. Whether we’re buying a shirt in the store, a book on Amazon, or figuring out what to do for lunch there is always some sort of social context that we take into consideration. When Shiv talks about Social Influence Marketing it’s another way of saying 1 to small niche marketing.

Due to evolving social barriers that these micro societies may have, it may be even more difficult to penetrate than 1 to 1 marketing because there’s a lot more to it than just technology. However, the ripple effect can be much more influential than merely connecting 1 to 1. Social relevancy needs to be provided and personalized at the group level – only then will the individuals have the context to act and in turn influence others to act.

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July 23, 2009 at 12:08 am

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